Raymond Byrdsong
Founder & CEO

Hello everyone & Welcome to WMBSH, my name is Raymond, also known as Ray B. I am a 29-year-old black creative born and raised in Leimert Park, CA. As cliché as it may sound, I have always had a passion for fashion. From tall white tees and air force one’s to tailored suits and class act louboutins, confidently speaking, I am well versed in creating looks.

Often complimented on the way I dress from family and friends, I also get strangers inquiring on something I have on. One day, it dawned on me “why not start a brand that helps in assisting people with styling". WMBSH is a branding/styling experience that provides a vision and a safe space to express yourself with intentionality and authenticity. We provide more than a service, but an experience for all ages. We thank you in advance and we appreciate your continuous support.

Peace, Love & Blessings,



WMBSH Styling pays homage to my father, Raymond Demetrius Wimbish Sr., whose life was taken at a young age due to gun violence back in March of 1993. Though the only memories I have of him are through pictures, his presence is forever with me in my heart. WMBSH is not only the legacy of our last name but the foundation of this styling experience.

I was born a Jr. It was not until the age of six, that with the help of my mother and grandparents I legally changed my last name, no longer carrying Wimbish. Some may ask, why the name change? Simply put, I was and still am a mama’s boy. The thought of not having my mother’s last name, after my father had passed was “scary,”, especially to a six-year-old boy.


Providing authenticity, positive energy, and passion to not only my daily interactions but also within this styling experience, I wanted to create a name that was unique, powerful, and above all, a name that felt safe. WMBSH Styling provides awe-inspiring, eye-catching, memorable experiences, where we specialize in client quality appreciation. With versatility being top priority, WMBSH Styling ensures your vision to be brought to life.

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